Written by Ja’Aire Purifory

The world we live on, the Blue Marble is dying slowly. Decades and decades of industrialization, pollution, and global warming have robbed the planet of its youth. We have all the planet related, problems when we have more lying inside our planet. Especially within the USA there is a great division within our country. As our generation is making the transition to adulthood we are getting scrutinized for; having too much technology, being lazy, and immature. All this criticism and yet we are up next to try to fix the country and the world. That’s a lot of pressure, but us growing up and making ourselves into the people the older generations before us want us to be might not be enough to reverse the damage done to the world over the years. When most of our generation are adults and have to start “adulting”, the older generations are gonna be either gone or on their way out. Then we’ll have to fix the things that they left broken and some things are past the point of repair.


The term adulting can and has been misconstrued  to mean so many things to the future if the world. Parents tell their kids different things that make them think that “adulting” means a certain thing like just paying bills and working. But adulting can’t mean one thing or else everybody would grow up to do the same thing, and sure one thing would be perfected but there’s things in this world that need more attention. So the term “adulting” has a meaning that ranges through a variety of things depending on how it’s taught to you. So some were taught that adulting means growing up and making a change in the world or your environment. Or it could mean simply taking care of yourself and your family, while maintaining that happiness that proves the notion that being an adult is not something to look forward to. The meaning of adulting is dependent on what the definition means to your adult figure in your life.