Noelle Picara

Social Justice Through Education

Noelle Picara

Music Education

Noelle Picara

Music Education

Noelle Picara

Music Education

Musician helping others express their creativity

Pianist & Performer

Teaching communal music, movement & storytelling

Alongside being a skilled educator, Noelle Picara is also a musician and a performer. Her journey into music began as soon as she could reach the piano keys, and she started dancing at just four years old; she’s been a performer and an expressive artist for all of her life. While she wrote her first song, “Cluck Goes the Chicken” in 1985, she’s been working professionally as a singer-songwriter since 2003. She started working as a music teacher in 2004, and she’s been working as a producer and director since 2005.

Noelle opened her own business, Re-Humanizing, LLC, in 2018; through her business, she produces projects at the intersection of education, social justice, and the arts.

Music is undoubtedly a huge part of Noelle’s life, but for her, performing her music is never solely about the music; it’s also about the performance. It’s singing and piano, but it’s also visual art, costume design, and so much more tied together to convey the message of the piece.

In today’s society, as people want to become more engaged and more involved, Noelle Picara wants to make music a more interactive experience for her audience. When she performs, she creates concerts that break down the barriers between “creative” people and “non-creative” people to unite everyone with their voices. Singing is an incredibly vulnerable act, but it’s a powerful way to share your message, speak your words, and connect with others.

Currently, Noelle Picara is wielding her talents and abilities to ignite the passion of performance in other people. She’s hired to attend events — primarily those focusing on education, arts, or activism — and, working as what she calls a “singing ninja,” she gets those in attendance and the people around her to sing together about the messaging of the event or organization. She leans on her improvisational skills to get a feel for the crowd at each event and creates a song for the performance.

For more about Noelle Picara and her involvement in music, performance, and the arts, visit her blog or check her out online!




Joined Kuumba Academy Charter School as their Arts Integration Specialist as of August 2019

Over 15 years as a full-time educator teaching voice, piano, and dance, including 10 years directing musical theater

2018/19 Community Project Manager, Design Thinking Academy, teaching English and Music

Founded and produced the Tatnall Coffee House at the Queen, 6 sold-out performances for 6 years

Conducted the 5 choirs at Tatnall, including a performance at the Vice Presidential Mansion in 2015 for Joe Biden

2017 founder and leader of “Circle Songs Wilmington” – leader of communal singing at Christina Cultural Arts Center



Graduated 4.0 with both masters degrees in MFA Creative Writing/Songwriting and M.Ed.


Voice Teachers – Suzanne Sterling, Cari Cole, Judi Vinar, Rhianon, Bobby McFerrin

Expressive Arts Healing

Creator and Teacher of “Re-Humanizing through Singing” at Ahimsa House in Philadelphia

Co-Creator of the “Creative Healing Collaborative,” a business collaboration of healing arts professionals in the Delaware/PA/NJ area


Praise for Noelle

Megan Doyle

Noelle’s expressive arts workshop empowers individuals, impacted by interpersonal abuse, the opportunity to explore their thoughts and emotions through their own unique experience versus being limited to words and narrative. This offers the opportunity for a new and different perspective in order to facilitate positive coping and change.

Leslie Butler,
Howard University Film Major

Although I had as Ms. Picara as a choir teacher and English teacher, I would argue that she was the most outspoken advocate for students of color. She truly is an advocate for social justice and will always stand up for what’s right even if it means standing alone. She is one of those teachers who takes action, which is something I can’t say that my other Caucasian teachers have done for me in the past. I’m forever grateful that I had the opportunity to be her student.

Liam Merkle
BFA University of Miami, Musical Theatre

I’m so very grateful to have had Noelle as my teacher in high school. She taught me so much about theatre and performance and gave me the confidence to continue my art education after high school. Today, even when I’m not performing, I have the confidence to voice my opinions and strive for what I want.