Written by Royce Lewis

I want to talk about the true meaning of being an adult. I want to do this because many people are confused about what it means to be an adult. Some people think it’s when you turn 18. Others think it’s when you become “mature.” This is rather important considering I am becoming an adult.

The dictionary definition of an adult is “a person who is fully grown or developed.” I believe it is far more complicated than that definition would lead you to believe. I have seen many “adults” that are fully developed but aren’t mentally developed. These adults have the mentality of a second grader. For example Donald Trump. He is the president of the United States and is meant to protect the country but decides to insult people of the country and insult other world leaders over twitter. This is absurd behavior and makes him a man child.This is what started my journey to figure out what it truly means to be an adult.

The first thing I believe separates the adult from the child is self-advocacy. Children often don’t take responsibility for their own actions and may lie or blame others for their mishap. A true adult should take responsibility for their own actions. When a mistake is made, they should admit to it.

Secondly financial independence is an important part of adulthood. An adult should have a job to support themselves and maybe a family. They shouldn’t have to rely on their guardians for financial support. Children are forced to rely on guardians for financial support. My cousin acts like an adult child. She has relied on adults in her life for 30 plus years. She is lazy and does not work even when she needs to. She gains money from people like my aunt, her brother, my mother, and my father. Instead of using this money for something she needs she spends her time going on. If she would’ve learned how to be an adult she wouldn’t be suffering from financial instability

Third, adults should have independence of thought. Thinking for yourself is essential to becoming an adult. The opinions of parents and others should not dictate the opinion of said adult. This includes choosing your own path on religion, marriage, sexuality, politics, and other opinion related topics. Only a child would think exactly alike their parents.

I wanted to reassure adults and children and help guide them. I have a deep concern for current day children because many of them grow up to be a grown child. I have seen this happen firsthand.  I never want to see people my age suffer from not knowing how to be an adult. Society takes in childish adults and spits them back out.


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